Our animals are humanly raised with dignity, respect and personal care.  Our production model is simple and healthy – so there is absolutely no reason to use medicated feeds, growth hormones, or antibiotics.  We offer our livestock unlimited access to sunlight, fresh air, water, feed, and shelter.  Breakneck Acres has formulated recipes for poultry and hog feed that include specialty grains, dried sea kelp, a probiotic, and a trace mineral salt.


Breakneck Acres is a small scale farm with less than 50 acres available to rotate livestock, hay, food grade specialty grains, and seasonal produce. Consequently, our production may not always meet the demand of our customers.  It may seem tempting for us to change practices to get product to you quicker or to source from other producers, but we won’t.  We’re committed to complete transparency and we want you to be confident that the product you buy was raised by us, on our farm, following our protocol.  We encourage you to try what we have and look forward to what we will have available in the future!

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