Breakneck Acres Begins

In the first year, Ami would stop by after work to run the tractor for a few hours and check on progress.  Tim explained that he was going to go back to basics and farm Breakneck Acres like he was raised – no chemicals -  just cultivation and sweat.  Ami offered the concept of organic certification through OEFFA and a marriage was born.   Over the next two years, Tim experimented with approved organic additions and seed to understand the health of the soil while Ami paged through glossy organic seed catalogs and jammed on the required documentation and paperwork.  They were seeing improvements on the property by growing the typical rotation of wheat, corn, and soybean, but their hobby farm was becoming very expensive.  It was clear that simply growing organic row crops on 35 acres was not profitable.  In 2010, Ami left her corporate career to focus on a clear business plan for the farm.  In 2011 they purchased a hand crafted stone mill from Austria to offer value added products directly to the customer and in 2013 expanded the farm to include chickens, hogs, and cattle.  Today Breakneck Acres is unconventionally diverse - offering free range eggs, pasture raised meats, stone milled specialty grains, and seasonal produce.

Tim Fox brings his passion for the past and vision for a slow future to the table.

Tim grew up on a farm in southern Indiana where he cultivated a strong work ethic and love for working the land. He was a Union Ironworker for over twenty years to pay the bills while growing conventional row crops in his free time. In 2005 he started his own business, Laughery Valley Welding & Rigging Inc., which specializes in the aggregate industry. He was working very long hours to become a successful small business owner, but knew there was something missing. In 2006, Tim purchased a farm in Ravenna, Ohio with a dream of getting back to his roots. The property had been grossly neglected for over ten years, the buildings were collapsing, the farmhouse was destined to be condemned, and the soil was begging for a friend. Ami took one look at the purchase, rolled her eyes, and challenged the challenge, “are you sure…? “ Tim simply replied, “I have a vision.”

Ami Gignac took ten fast years to realize she’s really in no big rush.
From an early age, Ami’s mother taught her to shop at the local food co-op and appreciate homemade, natural food. It was a tough row to hoe as a small girl—attempting to trade carrots, celery, and carob bits for greasy potato chips and chocolate bars when temptation hit. After high school in Toledo, Ohio she studied Mining Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines and admits to enjoying a Mannie & Bo’s pizza and a Coors Light (in moderation!). After graduation, she started her career with an international construction materials company. After ten years in a corporate environment, she cultivated her interpersonal, financial, and general management skills, yet emotionally her crop dwindled. The stress of her career took a toll on her health that resulted in high blood pressure, weight gain, and moments of depression. She longed for change, but wondered if she could financially manage—while her emotional debt was at an all time high! In 2010 she left her corporate career, refocused her priorities, and harvested her entrepreneurial spirit.
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