We are committed to environmental and land stewardship, sustainable and natural farming practices, the humane treatment of animals and complete transparency with our customers.
Humanly raised with dignity, respect and personal care.
No medicated feed, growth hormones, or antibiotics.
Unlimited access to fresh air, water, feed, and shelter.
Our priority is to continually improve the quality of our soil by following sustainable and organic farming practices. The constant rotation of high quality food grade grains, cover crops and livestock grazing is the key to our success.
We use certified organic or non-GMO seed from local suppliers when available.
We are committed to building relationships with our local community and customers.
Transparency is our priority. Ask questions. Take pictures. Share our story.
Organic Certification
Breakneck Acres was USDA certified organic from 2008-2013. The decision to become certified organic in 2008 was simple. We were already exceeding the National Organic Program standards to grow wheat, corn, and soybeans, so taking the step to become USDA certified organic allowed us sell directly to the organic grain elevator for premium prices. As our business model evolved to include seasonal produce and stone milled specialty grains, we saw no problem with including a second application with a second fee schedule for handling and producing. Another annual fee and a little more paperwork didn’t seem like too much of a burden and we assumed the label would give our product credibility. It did. At least we thought it did. But once we started to communicate directly with the customer, it was clear that buying local from a farm they knew was their priority.
In 2012 we expanded our operation to include livestock. The diversity had a positive impact on the sustainability of the farm and our customers were excited for the new offerings, but we were reluctant to add a third application and third fee schedule to include this addition to our organic certification. Paperwork and minor details were becoming more and more difficult to manage and were shifting our focus away from what was important to us. At the same time we realized that the certified organic livestock rules were limiting based on the resources in our community and could potentially create a financial burden on our small scale operation. For the first time we found ourselves arguing about the future of the farm while we both had the same goal. It was clear - this wasn’t about a USDA label anymore – it was simply about growing quality food for our community with complete transparency.

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