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You may have an accountant, a doctor, or even a lawyer, but do you have a Farmer? Is there someone you can identify as providing you and your family with local, safe, healthy and nutritious food. Harvest Moon Local Foods is a partnership between farmers and eaters - a network food buying clubs linked to manitoba family farmers. We offer a unique alternative to the mainstream food system. Eaters are given access to high quality, sustainably produced, fair local foods directly from local farms. Farmers are empowered to protect land, water and soil, ethically care for animals and sustain their livelihood. Become a part of this grass roots initiative to reinvent a more sustainable food system! Our marketplace brings fresh, healthy, locally grown and produced food to you, in a cost-effective manner on a monthly basis.

How it works

Each month you place your food order through this web site. Deliveries take place monthly on the 4th Saturday (**Deliveries are on the 4th Wednesday in July and August**) to several different locations in Winnipeg, Brandon and Western Manitoba. These 'buying clubs' are your direct connection to 'your farmer' and other like-minded families in your community. Ordering from Harvest Moon Local Foods helps to build and support our community, preserve our precious agricultural land for future use and provide a sustainable livelihood for small family farms.

To see a list of products currently available, CLICK HERE. Check the website monthly for new items.

Getting Started

Do you prefer to buy fresh healthy food from local farmers? Are you interested in reducing your carbon footprint? Do you want to be a part of changing the local food system from the ground up? Register here and start shopping!

Are you a local farmer looking for an opportunity to sell directly to our community? Drop us a line and our New Farmer Committee will contact you with further information.

When you register be sure to join our Email List to stay informed about the Harvest Moon Local Food Initiative.

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