Macomb Food Co-op

Welcome to the Macomb Online Market!
Our goal is to increase the availability of healthy, fresh food in our area by providing a weekly online market that sells locally produced food and homemade goods. Having an online market allows producers and customers to connect in a convenient and efficient way. Check out our list of currently available products, and visit regularly as we add to that list.

How Does an Online Market Work?

Online shopping is open from
5 pm Friday until 9 am Monday
  Pick up order and pay on
Wednesdays from 4 pm until 7 pm

How to Buy
The Market is open for shopping each week from 5 pm Friday until 9 am Monday. Orders need to be placed during the weekend. All community members can try the market for a month. After that, they will need to join the Coop by purchasing a $100 owner share; an installment payment plan is available. Owner forms can be downloaded at Become an Owner or can be picked up at the Macomb Food Co-op, 211 S. McArthur Street, Macomb.

1. Register as a Customer
Click on the Register tab in the top menu bar and fill out a registration form, creating a password that you will use every time you log in to shop. The next time you shop, just click on the Login tab in the top menu bar and type in your email and password.
2. View Product List
Click on Login to arrive at the shopping page. New products will always be showcased when the shopping page opens. Click on Filter by List and choose All Products to view everything available for the week, or shop by producer or product category. Check out the products, producer bio information, and growing practices.
3. Place an Order
∙ Choose an item you want to buy, enter the quantity desired if you want more than one, and click on Add to Cart.
  Repeat this process for all items you would like to order.

∙ To review your order, click on the word Checkout in the upper right corner of the menu bar. Follow the directions on
  this page to either return to shopping or navigate to the final checkout page.

∙ On the checkout page, you will need to click on Submit Order. You may submit as many orders as you wish until 6
  am on Monday.

∙ Look for an email confirming your order. If you DO NOT receive this, then your order did not go through. Try to order
  again or call for assistance at 309.255.5572 or email us at We may
  also call or email asking if you need assistance.

4. Pickup
Pick up your order on Wednesdays from 4 until 7 pm, at 211 S. McArthur. We accept cash or checks. Please bring your own bags or boxes. Each order will include 1% state food tax (8% for nonfood items). You are responsible for picking up your order; if you are unable to do this, please call us at 309.255.5572.

How to Sell
1. Join the Macomb Food Co-op.
    As part of our celebratory launch, we are offering producers the opportunity to sell on the Market for one month without cost. At that time, joining
    the Co-op by paying the one-time $100 ownership fee will be required. A payment plan is available allowing for payments as low as $10 a
    month. (Become an Owner)

2. Read the Producer Guidelines/ Procedures
3. Print out, complete, and mail in Producer Application