Why Buy Local? 

Buying from local and regional farmers and producers promotes the local economy, supports your friends and neighbors, reduces our use of fossil fuels, and places value on farmland and open space over urban sprawl. 

Buying from local farmers and producers, who grow and produce products for taste, diversity, and healthfulness rather than durability, transportation and uniformity is simply better.  Supporting these smaller businesses preserves open space, jobs, and the security of a local, healthful food supply. Knowing your local farmer and producer has become a valued aspect of connecting with food, and with it brings relationship, accountability, and clear knowledge of how food is raised and who is raising it. Locally grown food, picked at the family farm, is immediately delivered to your family table where its taste and nutritional value are at their peak. You will enjoy unique and flavorful heirloom varieties unavailable in mass-produced and shipped food. 

Still need more reasons to buy local? Here are some others:

With the advent of large multi-national corporations much of what made America great has gone by the wayside. One of the greatest assets we have is our land.  The USA was blessed with some of the richest and most fertile soils on the planet.  The last 100 years of agribusiness has done much to destroy our nations topsoil.  Supporting smaller organic farmers reverses this trend.

In order to feed an ever growing demand for fast and cheap food, factory farming was developed. This resulted in a system that has forgotten about the respect and dignity we owe the animals we harvest. Planet Verde farmers use traditional grass fed methods of feeding their livestock. Also factory farmed animals have shorter life spans, are often injected with growth hormone, are confined in inhumane ways, and are often subject to painful slaughterhouse practices in the name of meeting market demands.

We at Planet Verde believe that this system needs to change and the most efficient way for us to make change is through the choices we make when buying products.  Simply by allocating some of your budget to buying local, organic, and sustainably produced food, you contribute to this change, so that it can and will happen.   


What is Local? 

Planet Verde defines local as within a two hundred mile radius of Eugene and Portland, our distribution areas. In the interest of reducing our impact on the environment, we would like to provide food that is grown as close to these cities as possible. The closer the food is produced to where it is consumed the better. 

However, as some of our products cannot be produced locally, we select these products with the same care we use when determining which local products to offer. We look for organically and sustainably grown and fairly traded items.