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The current ordering period closes on Friday, October 24 at 10:00 AM. NOTE: Most meat and Cheese orders are adjusted to reflect actual weight of item you receive.
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Fruits - Fresh & Dried >> Other
Hedge Apples
Hedge Apples - Hedge Apples
It is a large, dense, green wrinkled ball up to 6" in diameter that often persists on the tree after the leaves have fallen off. In good years, the branches will bend low with the combined weight of these heavy fruit. They have a sticky, white juice within them. Chop one in half and you will see a pithy core surrounded by up to 200 small seeds (smaller than sunflower seeds) that are much sought-after by squirrels. Try to harvest these seeds for yourself and you will get a clear understanding of how much the squirrels must like them! In addition to ripping apart the tough, stringy fruit, there is a slimy husk around each individual seed that must also be removed before the seed can be eaten. So they really are NOT edible!! They are usually used to keep the mice and spiders away. Some people call them osage oranges.

Pa's Vegetable Patch
- All naturally grown, no chemical or pesticides used.

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