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Red Hills Online Farmers Market

Why Buy Local?

Buying from local farmers promotes the local economy, supports your friends and neighbors, reduces our use of fossil fuels, and values farmland and open space over urban sprawl. Buying local supports farmers who grow for taste, diversity, and healthfulness rather than durability, transportation and uniformity. Supporting these small farmers preserves open space, jobs, and the security of a local, healthful food supply. Also, buying through an online farmer's market reduces the risk for farmers and eliminates waste as all of the harvest is already bought.  Knowing your local farmer has become a valued aspect of connecting with food, and with it brings relationship, accountability, and clear knowledge of how food is raised and who is raising it. Locally grown food, picked at the farm, is immediately delivered to your family table where its taste and nutritional value are at their peak. You will enjoy unique and flavorful heirloom varieties unavailable in mass-produced and shipped food. 

What is Local?

We are currently defining local as "within a hundred mile radius of the city of Tallahassee". In the interest of reducing our impact on the environment, we would like to provide food that is grown as close to Tallahassee as possible. The closer the food is produced to where it's consumed the better.