Farmer and Producer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the general guidelines for products that can be listed on the site?  All products on the site must be grown or raised within Jackson or Josephine County, Oregon. If a product is processed, a large majority of the ingredients must be grown or raised within 100 miles, and the product must be processed within 100 miles. In all cases, the product must be grown or processed by you. We do not allow our farms or processors to resell products grown or processed elsewhere.

How will Rogue Valley Local Foods determine the pricing for the products it sells?  Farmers set their own price for the products they are offering.  That price will be what the farmer receives from buyer. We take no commission.

Will farmers be charged any fees?   There is $25 annual fee for Thrive business members to list on the online market. Businesses that are not Thrive / Rogue Flavor members are charged a $50 annual administration fee. Website and marketing costs are included in the annual fee.

What are Rogue Valley Local Foods goals?
Rogue Valley Local Foods is a program of Thrive, a 5o1(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our goals include paying a fair price to farmers, a living wage to our employees and contractors, and reinvesting in Thrive’s educational efforts to cultivate a more sustainable local economy.

How will Rogue Valley Local Foods monitor the quality of the products it sells?   The farmer is obligated to deliver market-grade produce. Products should be inspected upon delivery. If the buyer concludes that product is below market-grade, the farmer will be notified. If poor quality continues, we reserve the right to discontinue sales from that farmer. We are here to help with communication and resolutions if any issues arise.

How will the farmer be required to deliver product?   The farmer will  be required to invoice and arrange delivery to their customers.

What if the farmer fails to deliver product?   Each farmer is obligated to make every effort to deliver product on time. We understand that trucks break down, roosters fail to crow, and plants fail to grow, or grow too fast. In order for this to succeed, it is necessary for the farmer to communicate with the buyer as early as possible.

What can I expect from a typical week?
  Each week, farmers who have product to sell need to post on Rogue Valley Local Foods website what products they will have available to sell the following week. As soon as quantities are entered into our database, the products will be available to retail customers for sale on the website. Farmers will monitor their crops throughout the week and report any changes in quantity as soon as possible.

On Sunday and Wednesday at 7 pm, customer ordering on the website closes for the period. Shortly after,each farmer will receive an email from Rogue Valley Local Foods detailing what has been ordered. 

Update your inventory for the week on Sunday through Monday 

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