For Producers

Harvest Hub is partnering with farmers who are interested in developing new ways to reach more customers. If you are interested in selling through our online market place, please Register Now.  We will contact you by phone to talk about the process of selling through Harvest Hub.

Why Sell Through Harvest Hub?
Harvest Hub lets you focus on your farming business, while we find local buyers for your food.  Each farmer will be highlighted in our Producers section so that buyers can put a name and a face to the wholesome local food they are purchasing.

How It Works
  • Every Thursday each producer, using an online tool, will enter each item they will be selling, and the amount that think they will have available the following Wednesday.
  • Once product is entered, customers can begin to place orders through our secure site.
  • Harvest Hub will closely monitor the orders as the week progresses.
  • On Tuesday, after reviewing all the orders, each farmer will receive an email detailing what they need to harvest and deliver the next day.
  • Wednesday is harvest day. Pick what you need to and prepare it for delivery to Harvest Hub. Don't forget to take note of what you think you will have available next week.
  • Thursday, deliver your produce to Homestead Harvest Market early in the morning. A check will be mailed to you the following day.
  • Begin all over again.

If you are already registered and accepted as a Producer, sign in --> Producer Login