Why Buy Local?

Keeping food miles to a minimum is an important contribution we can make to our bodies, our community and our planet. Because of this, Lake Co-op has a "local first" sourcing policy. We take pride in providing our customers with the freshest food possible--sometimes picked the day of delivery.
  • Food tastes better and can be picked at its peak of ripeness.
  • Food nutrition is lost the longer it waits to be eaten.
  • Local food supports our local community. Food dollars stay in our region and circulate.
  • Local food builds community. Getting to know the producer of your food was a time-valued tradition that is regaining popularity.
  • Local food benefits the environment. Smaller, local farms are less likely to mono-crop, which leads to an out-of-balance environment. Organic practices are more likely to foster wildlife habitat and less likely to damage our ecosystem.
  • Less miles from farm to fork reduces the C02 emissions, emissions that contribute to global warming.
  • Reduces the cost of transport resulting in lower prices and more of that price can go to the producer.
  • Supports genetic diversity. Small farms are more concerned about flavor and can foster small scale heirloom varieties that cannot withstand industrial agriculture's practices, including mono-cropping and selecting varieties that ship and pack well.