Owner-Worker Opportunities

Co-op OPS Team from left to right: Darlene Baldridge, Ed Christwitz, Christina Griffith, Nick Baker, Nancy Rhoades, Rachel Pries, and John Mulroney

New! More Time Bank Eligible Positions!

Sign up to be a Thursday volunteer! It's as easy as sending an email!

There are many ways that you can co-create your local food Co-op. Thursdays are very busy with packing and distributing. (For a detailed list of positions, see below the calendar.) Immediate Need! These positions are now *Time Bank Eligible To step up for the weekly tasks:

  • Check the calendar below for needed positions.
  • Email your name, desired time slot and phone number to taskmanager@lake.coop.
  • You will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours.
  • You will see your name added to the calendar as first name, last initial (for example Lisa W.).
  • If you need to cancel or reschedule your shift, please give a 24-hour notice, via email, to taskmanager@lake.coop.
  • If a 24 hour notice is not possible, please leave a phone message at 707-349-6857.
Besides the satisfaction of co-creating your Co-op, Owner-Workers who consistently work a minimum of 5 hours per month, until the annual requirement of 60 hours is reached, receive an additional 15% discount on purchases. New! Owner-Workers who work the Thursday Operations receive the additional 15% discount on overage purchases on the day of work, whether they are on the 5-hour/month plan or not. Join our select group of extraordinary Owner-Workers today!

  • Immediate Need!*Time Bank Eligible Produce Pick up - Pick up produce from our distributor in Middletown and transport to Lakeport aggregation site on Thursdays. Meet truck between 7:30am - 8:00am. Needs truck or large vehicle. Contact operations@lake.coop. (Currently filled. Taking names for back up.)
  • Immediate Need!*Time Bank Eligible Box Fillers - Help fill boxes on Thursdays from 8:00am - 12:00pm am at the Lakeport aggregation site (785 Bevins St.). Wear comfortable shoes. Contact taskmanager@lake.coop
  • Back-Up Box Filler - Be an on-call box filler on the days when we need you most! Help on the days when we're short staffed. Contact taskmanager@lake.coop and add your name to our on-call list.
  • Immediate Need!*Time Bank Eligible Clean up - Help with last minute box filling duties, plus break down boxes, wipe tables, sweep, mop and manage refuse at the Co-op on Thursdays from11:00am - 1:30pm. (785 Bevins Street, Lakeport.) Wear sturdy shoes. Contact taskmanager@lake.coop.
  • *Time Bank Eligible General Information/Telephone orders - Monitor the Co-op's phone. Check messages and return calls; field general information questions; refer calls to appropriate department as needed. Telephone and place order for customers Sunday-Tuesdays. Contact manager@lake.coop. (Currently filled. Taking names for back up.)
  • Immediate Need!*Time Bank Eligible - Dry Goods Coordinator - Monitor inventory of dry goods, order and coordinate delivery of order to the Co-op. Contact operations@lake.coop
  • Immediate Need!*Time Bank Eligible Cashier - Meet other Co-op members and put your math skills to work on a Thursday in Lakeport from 4:00pm - 7:00pm. Contact: taskmanager@lake.coop
  • Immediate Need!*Time Bank Eligible Overage Sales - Meet other Co-op members and put your math skills to work on a Thursday in Lakeport from 3:30pm - 7:00pm. Weigh and receipt overage sales, monitor and help customers pick up orders, Contact: taskmanager@lake.coop
  • *Time Bank Eligible - Product Acquisition - (not weekly) Explore new product inquiries for the Co-op to offer through our online ordering system and liaison with Co-op and producers. Contact manager@lake.coop. (Currently filled. Taking names for back up.)


  • Immediate Need!
    ime Bank Eligible -
    Azure Standard Coordinator
    - Monitor Co-op as drop point for the monthly Azure Standard order. Verify member payment and monitor delivery of orders to drop points and home/office as needed. Post Azure pertinent dates to Google calendar. Contact operations@lake.coop

  • Immediate Need!
    ime Bank Eligible -
    Azure Standard Receiver
    - Meet Azure Standard truck and Co-op members at Co-op for monthly delivery. Verify order. Distribute to Co-op members as needed. Flexible schedule from Monday-Tuesday following Azure Standard order cycle closing. Contact operations@lake.coop

As a growing cooperative, the Marketing & Promotion committee is an integral part of helping us get the word out about Lake Co-op and helping maintain consistent communication to others about who we are. Join our select group of extraordinary co-creators!

  • Time Bank Eligible - Event Coordinators - Love to throw a party? Looking for a dedicated team that likes to coordinate events, fundraisers, celebrations. Contact manager@lake.coop
  • Time Bank Eligible - Tabling Coordinator - There are numerous events in Lake County where the Co-op's presence is requested each season. This critical position is for the person that can coordinate with event organizers, create and fill slots with Co-op Owners, and educate tablers on the Co-op to provide a professional presentation of the Co-op in our community. Contact manager@lake.coop
  • Time Bank Eligible - Event Tablers - Like meeting the public? Like to attend social events? Want to learn more about the Co-op? There are numerous events in Lake County where the Co-op's presence is requested each season. Outgoing and informative Owners enthusiastic about the Co-op wanted! Contact manager@lake.coop
  • Marketing Materials - Work with existing Manager and Graphic Artist to collaborate and coordinate the design, purchase and maintenance of stock of Lake Co-op marketing materials. Acquiring photos from events to work into Lake Co-op marketing materials. Must have computer and internet access. Contact manager@lake.coop
  • Publicity - Decide how to best advertise Lake Co-op and help co-create the materials needed. Contact manager@lake.coop
  • Time Bank Eligible - Locavore News Editor - Create the monthly edition of LNEWS through compiling, writing and editing content for publication through iContact social marketing software. Must have computer and internet access. (Currently filled. Taking names for back up.)
  • Social Media - Manage and build Lake Co-op's Facebook page. Foray into Twitter and other social media outlets. Must have computer and internet access. (Currently filled. Taking names for back up.)


The Lake Co-op Board of Directors has room for two additional members, each serving a two-year staggered term. We are currently recruiting board members. If you are interested in taking a leadership role with Lake Co-op, visit Our Board page on the website for exciting opportunities to co-create your co-op!

    • Owner-Worker Coordinator (Taskmanager) - Monitor and manage Owner-Worker hours and schedule Owner-Worker shifts in the various positions throughout the Co-op. Must have computer and internet access. Contact manager@lake.coop  (Currently filled. Taking names for back up.)
    • *Time Bank Hours Eligible - New Customer Orientation - Want to learn the ropes of Lake Co-op operations and then help others become acquainted and get involved in the Co-op? Contact new members, answer questions, and relate any issues to management. (Currently filled. Taking names for back up.)
    • Immediate Need!*Time Bank Eligible Producer Coordinator - Pre-screen and monitor Lake Co-op's producers for quality and adherence to organic standards. Must be a certified organic producer or is familiar with certified organic standards. Contact jimleonardis@lake.coop
    Contact manager@lake.coop


    The following items are needed by the Co-op:

    1. Immediate Need! NEW! Delivery Vehicle - Our current delivery truck is expensive to run and no longer cost effective for our operations. Do you have a full sized truck or van, refrigeration preferable but not required. Contact jimleonardis@lake.coop to discuss options for your vehicle and the Co-op.
    2. Immediate Need! NEW! Sturdy folding tables - Operations continue to expand and we need four (4) lightweight, sturdy folding tables. Contact operations@lake.coop.