Owner-Worker Opportunities

There are many ways that you can co-create your local food Co-op. Besides the satisfaction, Owner-Workers who consistently work a minimum of 5 hours per month, until the annual requirement of 60 hours is reached, receive an additional 15% discount on purchases.


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New! Owner-Workers who work the Thursday Operations receive the additional 15% discount on overage purchases on the day of work, whether they are on the 5-hour/month plan or not! Join our select group of extraordinary Owner-Workers today!



  • Box Fillers - Help fill boxes on Thursdays from 8:00am - 12:00pm am at the Hidden Valley Lake area site. Wear comfortable shoes. Text Val & Veronica at 916-416-9651.
  • General Information/Telephone orders - Monitor the Co-op's phone. Check messages and return calls; field general information questions; refer calls to appropriate department as needed. Telephone and place order for customers Sunday-Tuesdays. Contact manager@lake.coop. (Currently filled. Taking names for back up.)

As a growing cooperative, the Marketing & Promotion committee is an integral part of helping us get the word out about Lake Co-op and helping maintain consistent communication to others about who we are. Join our select group of extraordinary co-creators!

  • Time Bank Eligible - Event Coordinators - Love to throw a party? Looking for a dedicated team that likes to coordinate events, fundraisers, celebrations. Contact manager@lake.coop
  • Time Bank Eligible - Tabling Coordinator - There are numerous events in Lake County where the Co-op's presence is requested each season. This critical position is for the person that can coordinate with event organizers, create and fill slots with Co-op Owners, and educate tablers on the Co-op to provide a professional presentation of the Co-op in our community. Contact manager@lake.coop
  • Time Bank Eligible - Event Tablers - Like meeting the public? Like to attend social events? Want to learn more about the Co-op? There are numerous events in Lake County where the Co-op's presence is requested each season. Outgoing and informative Owners enthusiastic about the Co-op wanted! Contact manager@lake.coop
  • Marketing Materials - Work with existing Manager and Graphic Artist to collaborate and coordinate the design, purchase and maintenance of stock of Lake Co-op marketing materials. Acquiring photos from events to work into Lake Co-op marketing materials. Must have computer and internet access. Contact manager@lake.coop
  • Publicity - Decide how to best advertise Lake Co-op and help co-create the materials needed. Contact manager@lake.coop


The Lake Co-op Board of Directors has room for 3 additional members, each serving a two-year staggered term. We are currently recruiting board members. If you are interested in taking a leadership role with Lake Co-op, visit Our Board page on the website for exciting opportunities to co-create your co-op!

    • *Time Bank Hours Eligible - New Customer Orientation - Want to learn the ropes of Lake Co-op operations and then help others become acquainted and get involved in the Co-op? Contact new members, answer questions, and relate any issues to management.
    • Immediate Need!*Time Bank Eligible Producer Coordinator - Pre-screen and monitor Lake Co-op's producers for quality and adherence to organic standards. Must be a certified organic producer or is familiar with certified organic standards. Contact jimleonardis@lake.coop
    Contact manager@lake.coop


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