About Us

We are Natalie and Josh Kelly.  We met in Big Sky, Montana in the 90s after graduating from colleges in Florida and North Carolina. It didn't take long for us each to realize that we had met a great partner, and then things got serious.  We also realized not long after that, that we both want the same things for our family, and that we would also make great business partners.  We moved to Minnesota in 2005 to be closer to a large extended family and to start our own. We loved Minnesota from the start and quickly learned how proud Minnesotans are of their home.  We also learned that this community is blessed with generous land and people that take great pride in caring for their part of it.  Now we are blessed with a beautiful daughter and sturdy little boy, and a family business that can connect our community with great local and healthy food.  Thank you for visiting Twin Cities Local Food. We look forward to bringing great food to you.  

 Our Mission

Twin Cities Local Food was created to make locally grown food more accessible to residents of the Twin Cities and help foster stronger connections between people and the food they consume. We are committed to promoting food produced with sustainable practices and informing consumers of the value in it. We believe that knowing the source of good food is one part of building a healthier community.  


MN Dept. of Agriculture Retail Mobile Food Handler
MN Dept. of Agriculture Wholesale Produce Dealer





2013 Star Tribune's Taste 50: Year of the Farm